Rivals: Masters of the Deep

Created by Chase Layman

Rivals: Masters of the Deep
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A tactical Miniatures board game for 2-4 players set in a mysterious underwater realm where 4 factions battle for supremacy.

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$53,157.00 / 651 backers
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Estimated Shipping Date: September 2016
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Set of All 55 Miniatures
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Faction T-Shirt
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Extra Nautilus Miniatures
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Extra Dice
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Painting Service
Want all of your minis to be painted? We will be using BlueTable Painting Services.

Learn About Our Project:

Masters of the Deep is a 2-4 player tactical game set in the cold dark depths of the Lurk. Players take command of one of 4 Factions - the Cog, the Nautilus, the Low Clans or the Ancients. Gather your forces, Scour the Lurk, Use your surroundings and decimate your opposition.

You can get the base game in the "MAIN HAUL" Level starting at $75 (MSRP will be $89) and contains:

  • 54 highly detailed plastic miniatures
  • Full Color Rule Book
  • 15 Game Dice
  • 52 Game Hex Tiles
  • 60 Tokens
  • Loot, Lurker, Event and Activation Cards


Check them out Up Close.




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Welcome to the World of Rivals!



With their iron-clad diving suits, these conquerors delve into the Lurk looking for materials to power their glorious cities. Upon the discovery of UnderAether, an ultra-rare material that only exists in the deepest reaches of the Lurk, many a Cog made way toward the new Frontier beneath the seas. Yield the Aether or Your Life. 


The self-proclaimed proprietors of the sea were charged centuries ago to protect the Aether. In order to protect it they built their cities around the magical material. These tentacle-bearded Aether Worshippers defend their cities and the Aether with their lives. By the Aether Divine.


These telepathic, element wielding, godlike creatures returned to the Lurk in hopes to find their domain the way they left it. Instead they find the Cog trying to take their precious UnderAether, and the rest of the sea creatures, which they tasked to protect it, fighting amongst themselves. Enraged they take their fury out on everyone. Wrath is in your wake.


This diverse group of underwater creatures has had a long struggle being under the rule of the Nautilus, well no more! This group has disclaimed the gods and the Nautilus chieftains along with them. No longer will the Carapace, Chumtails, Reefscales, Scuttlebrutes, Anglerfin, and the rest follow under the rules of the Chieftains. Vengeance is ours.


We had some awesome painters take some time and slap some amazing paint jobs to the minis. The minis were only 3d Prints and not the final PVC molded pieces. I encourage you to check out their work.





There are 3 Levels to pledge at. The "Shiny" Trinket, The Main Haul, or the Aether Level. If you would like to add more Miniatures or other fun accessories to your game look at the Add-On section below for more details.


If you would like an Add-On item just add the amount of the amount to your total pledge by clicking the "Manage" Button then changing the amount of your pledge to match your add-on.

*Click on any add-on for a closer view

 Click on any mini for a more detailed view.

All additional shipping fees are added automatically when you pledge.

The game will be fulfilled from distribution centers in the US and the EU, so there will be no customs fees for backers in these regions.

Shipping to The U.S. and Canada is free.

European Union and Australia are $15 for shipping.

All other countries are $20 for shipping.

We will be manufacturing the game with PandaGM. So if you are already familiar with the quality of PandaGM Games you can expect the same with each copy of Masters of the Deep.


We want to thank all of our playtesters, editors, sculptor, designers, writers and any other 'ers we may be forgetting.

-Chris Yarbrough, Nathan Perry, Alain Viesca, Michael Anderson, Stephanie Roach, Fannie Lam, Dwayne Hendrickson, Josh Wren, Ashton Owens, Logan Neff, Luke Walvoord, Marcus Morrison, Nathan Jorgensen, Zach Schaffer, Bryan Davis, Seth Newmen, Alyssa Layman, Deanna Layman, Oklahoma Christian Phase 5 Apartments, and a score of others who I am probably forgetting but I still love you ;)

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